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Those who know what they want aim straight at the goal. Character and determination reach any goal, the important thing is to put your talents into play.
Valpolicella Superiore

Valpolicella Superiore DOC

The idea: listen to the soils, interpret the voice of the vines, evoke the values of tradition and then let the fruit speak, the most integral and fragrant one. Result: an interpretation of historical and symbolic value that is mirrored in the volcanic temperament of the land and testifies to the primacy of elegance.
  • Ruby red with luminous transparency and intriguing garnet hues.
  • Gourmand fragrances of red fruits dance on a river of umami, are tinged with delicate spicy memories and swirl among savory mineral and toasty counterpoints: fruit integrity, elegance, character and balance reign supreme.
  • Safe, vertical, flowing, it does not show its muscles but is distinguished by the elegance of a harmonious body that captivates with the magic of soft tannins, integrated in the juicy splendor of crunchy red fruits. Listen to it and you will feel the savory minerality of its terroir: after all, in its body flows the blood of the volcano...
  • Salami, smoked cured meats, pasta dishes with plain meat sauce, risottos and truffle dishes, roast cockerel, grilled skewers and sausages, roast beef, duck breast with berries, stuffed guinea fowl, grilled tomini cheese, medium-aged cheeses.


Indicates steadfastness and indomitable spirit leading to achieving the goal