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Kindness is unmistakable, elegant and lively on every occasion. Rich in contrasts that make it unique, infuses strength and positivity.
Valpolicella Ripasso Superiore DOC

Valpolicella Ripasso
Superiore DOC

The fresh, crisp fruit of Valpolicella Superiore blends with the velvety, spicy energy of Amarone: a sophisticated mix of sensations binding intimately through ageing in wooden barrels. An exciting, sensory experience allowing to grasp the identity of the land.
  • Ruby red with intriguing purple highlights and light garnet nuances.
  • Morello cherries in spirit are the highlight of this magnificent experience, along with aromas of liquorice, cloves and cinnamon, hints of roasted coffee beans, refreshing tangy breezes and a rich umami scent.
  • Well-developed and engaging, with a splendid acidity with a refreshing and invigorating taste of cherries, plums and blackcurrant juice. Tales of ripe fruits with a salty note and palate-tickling hints of black pepper.
  • First courses with ragu sauce and tasty risottos. Grilled pork sausage and pork meat, tasty chicken dishes, lamb chops, and braised dishes with polenta. Medium-matured cheeses.


it embodies the thoughtfulness and the harmony of two hands locking for the first time