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One bottle, one feeling


Working in a winery requires infinite patience. You need to experiment, try out your ideas to create future paths, but most of all you need to wait for the right time. After years of perseverance and waiting, we decided that the time had come in 2020 to put our first bottles on display.


Amarone della Valpolicella DOCG

An absolute masterpiece in the Italian winemaking landscape. Important rituals are the lifeblood in producing Amarone. Dangling and swaying in the gentle breezes over the hillsides, the grapes are carefully selected and dried to recount the magical spell of this wine.

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Valpolicella Ripasso
Superiore DOC

When Valpolicella Superiore is refermented with the grape skins coming from Amarone vinification, the outstanding result is Valpolicella Ripasso. An astonishingly unique wine which pays homage to the ancient winemaking tradition of the local area.

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Valpolicella Superiore DOC

It represents the territory, in its clearest and most immediate expression. A simple idea for a challenging goal that requires experience and profound skills. A Valpolicella without filters or screens, capable of expressing the volcanic and unrepeatable temperament of its terroir.

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Metodo classico

A phenomenal glimpse of our winery’s soul: the bubbles reflect its liveliness, the willingness to experiment and our family’s special legacy. A fresh and elegant sparkling wine full of character, conveying the force of tradition and the full potential of our land.

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Metodo Classico Pas Dosè

Absolute expression of an extraordinary territory and of the man who understood its potential. A vintage sparkling wine with a strong personality that expresses all the elegance of a long maturation on the lees.

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Depicting emotions

We are firmly convinced that wine is a wonderful way to celebrate and nurture emotions, as well as creating memories. It doesn’t matter whether you are dining with friends, chatting with family or relaxing alone, a good glass of wine allows you to capture these highly significant moments and turn them into precious memories.
We wanted to express this concept through our bottles, so we drew inspiration from the personality of our wines and etched it on the label with symbols devised by John O. Simonds, associating certain traits to specific moods.
Each symbol encapsulates an emotion. You have to discover each one of them and experience it in your own way.