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Why emotion?

Each bottle of wine is like a painting. Filled with nuances, it tells a story of those who put body and soul into its making. Feelings, history and personality are the ingredients of our work.
Difficult, demanding and awe-inspiring work that turns into wine, a messenger of our land conveying our passion. Work that is also a fascinating responsibility which drives us to indulge in a personal dialogue made of colours, smells, tastes and shared emotions.
That's because wine means sharing moments and the Talestri project stems from a desire to create wines which allow us to share emotions.

About us


Generations of winemaking history run through our veins. We have inherited our family’s passion for making wine and have added our own pinch of innovation to this legacy.

We chose the name Talestri because it is the Italian word for Thalestris, Queen of the Amazons whose bravery and determination we admire. Tenacity and sensitivity are the qualities that steer us in this new adventure and each detail is infused with our feminine soul.

Our homeland is Valpolicella, to the east of Verona, an area with particular soil and climate conditions which we have heeded and interpreted with patience and dedication to produce wines that can really tell the story of our region.

Chi siamo - Talestri

News and events

Passione 2015: 91 points from Falstaff

Our Amarone 2015 was awarded by Falstaff with 91 points during the " Falstaff Amarone & Recioto Trophy 2022".

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Istinto: Best Classic Method 2021

Our “Istinto” has been awarded the prestigious label of the Best Classic method 2021 of the Daniele Zamuner Challenge.

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Welcome to our new website

We are happy and proud to announce that our new website is online!

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